we are entering a new age of marketing

This is a very exciting time for us as marketers.  There is a fundamental shift happening that has been triggered by changes in the buying process. Traditional media alone may no longer be enough to grow your bottom line.
The buying process has changed drastically with the internet age and smart marketers are changing their strategies to include digital marketing in order to keep up with the pace of their consumers’ “I want it now,” attitude.
Your prospects, leads and customers now have more choices than ever available to them with a simple, click of a mouse. They are able to make more educated purchasing decisions with an unlimited amount of online resources.
That doesn't mean we need to abandon the traditional media that we have relied upon to build our companies. It does, however, suggest that if we want to continue to grow, we need to be where our customers are and that includes the internet.  

that's where our marketing group comes in

We have long history of growing businesses with our creative marketing services.
We offer traditional media such as television and direct mail programs coupled with digital marketing campaigns and the processes and technologies necessary to catapault companies to their goals.
Many companies have lost touch with the idea that we should be marketing to people...real HUMANS not just viewers, listeners, readers and online profiles. This is where B2H (Business to Human) Marketing Group shines. We believe in treating your prospects like real people by developing our campaigns around a human element.

our latest articles

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Here are a few of our latest articles:   

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meet the team


Christine Bitner


The team leader at B2H Marketing Group and a creative marketing consultant with over 25 years of innovative experience in the marketing industry. Her creative marketing ideas, mind for business and attention to the little details have led the company to continual growth. You will catch her sporting black and yellow on #GoShockers game days. Christine is Inbound Certified, HubSpot Certified and HubSpot Partner Certified. #RunPFM


Erica Wentling

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Erica is known to always have a smile on her face no matter what the circumstances. She has taken a key role with our company’s blog and our inbound marketing strategy.   When she’s not juggling social media and work, she is chasing her dogs that are chasing other people at the park #SeeSpotRun and skipping to a tune of a different drummer.  Her highlight this year has been meeting Fred VanVleet AND Ron Baker in the same week. #ShockerNation


Brittany English


Brittany is a Newman University alum and a professional graphic designer, she has a knack for fresh design with vintage undertones and a constant desire for knowledge. She was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Photographer’s Forum 2014 contest. During a summer excursion to Vienna, she managed to get a plaster skull through numerous airport securities (what an adventure) and has a lifelong ambition to make her cat internet famous. #MeatballTheAmazing 


Abbi Timmermeyer

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Our remote team member is a real fire cracker. Abbi says that she is going to be a Broadway Star when she grows up. For now, she's a showtunes singin', Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist with a natural eye for creative marketing and a silver tongue that spins content driven messages. We love Abbi's fresh ideas and friendly, can-do attitude. She loves being a Sigma Sigma Sigma sister at ESU. #BroadwayHereICome


Theresa Gobel

Office Manager

With an extensive background in legal and finance, Theresa is the perfect mix of analytical and a sprinkle of creativity. She is a major contributor to our team with her engaging personality and a keen attention to the little details that make our day to day operations run smoothly. A fun fact: she has an alpaca and two miniature donkeys. #Tina


This Could Be YOU!

Join Our Team

We are searching for exceptionally talented teammates to contribute to our goal of creating marketing that humans love. If you crave ownership in your career and are able to generate creative ideas, this could be your new home. Flexible schedules and quarterly raise programs. #ThatsHowWeRoll Spice up your resume and shoot it over ASAP. #ILoveMyJob

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